How It works

Every day media outlets are looking for interesting stories. Radio programs are looking for people to interview. Websites are looking for an interesting angle to a story that will increase their traffic.

And more and more media is working on lower budgets, thus needing to find these stories in a low-cost way.

That’s where Faith Newswire comes into play.

You’ve got a story to tell (or a product to sell) but you don’t have the budget for full-service PR.

Faith Newswire is the perfect option. You get access to a wide range of media, for one low cost.

Faith Newswire was founded by a public relations firm, so we understand PR and how to make it work.

Simply upload your release to us and we will do the rest.

We’ve streamlined the process of submitting your press release. Through a single page submission form you are able to input all of your press release information. Our editorial process is fast and you will receive notification within a few hours.