Generosity devotionals increases giving at thousands of churches

Pastor Brian Kluth from Colorado never expected his personal Bible study of God’s word on finances and generosity would lead to two bestselling devotionals (600,000 copies) that would be used by God to help Christians and churches across America, Australia, Europe, Russia, India, East Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Pastor Kluth spent six weeks studying his Bible and found 400 Scriptures on what God wants people everywhere to know about finances and generosity. He then organized these verses under 40 Biblical financial principles and 40 daily readings. He printed out copies of the 40 Day generosity devotional for every family in the church and challenged everyone to take a few minutes each day to read and pray about the daily financial principle for the day and the 10 Bible verses. Individuals, couples and even entire families took him up on his challenge. In the weeks and months that followed, giving increased over 40% at his church!

Kluth thought his generosity devotional might help others churches, so he contacted seven Christian publishing companies to see if they would like to print and sell his devotional to other churches. All seven publishers turned him down. So, he and his wife decided to pay a graphic designer friend to make his 40 day devotional into an attractive 4-color booklet. When they printed their first 15,000 copies people laughed at them and said they would never be able to sell that many copies in their lifetime. But the people that laughed at them were wrong. God allowed them to sell hundreds of thousands of copies to thousands of churches who gave out the devotionals to ignite people’s faith, inspire generosity and increase giving..

In Australia, hundreds of churches used the devotional and saw giving increase an average of 35%! One church saw giving go up 80%.

Another church saw giving increase 50%!


A church in Texas received a $200,000 special offering and saw giving increase 50%!

After the dramatic and powerful impact the 40 Day Generous Life devotional was having on people’s living and giving, Kluth was invited by the Salvation Army in Australia to write a follow-up 30-Day devotional. This second generosity devotional is called the “7 Keys to Open-Handed Living in a Tight-Fisted World.” All 30 days have a daily Bible devotional, an inspiring true story of generosity, a daily quote and prayer.

Pastor Kluth went on to develop digital companion materials for his devotionals at Both his 30 and 40 Day digital kits include weekly videos for church services, weekly discussion videos for small groups, sermon helps, children’s Sunday school curriculums, digital copies of the devotional and even downloadable iPhone/Android/Microsoft apps for phones, tablets and computers. There are also digital copies available in over 40 foreign languages for worldwide distribution.

Over 3000 churches from over 100 denominations/affiliations have purchased copies (print, digital or app) and given out copies to every family in their church. Because Kluth self-published these devotionals, he is able to offer them to churches for as little at $2.95-$4.95 per copy in bulk orders, but sample PDF copies are available for free to preview. Kluth has also allowed churches and denominations to make their own 4-page custom covers for just $1 more per copy. Churches as small as 25 or larger than 20,000 have distributed his devotionals to every family in their congregation.

In addition to his bestselling devotionals, Pastor Kluth has created hundreds of dollars of downloadable resources for churches. He sells these digital resources at a deeply discounted price of $99 (limited-time-offer) for over $500 in year-round generosity materials at This includes cartoons, eBooks, webinars and much more!

Kluth’s ministry has taken him across America and to over 50 countries as a popular generosity speaker for churches and colleges and leadership conferences and events.

For more information, speaking engagements or media interviews, please contact Brian Kluth – Cell 719.930.4000 – To receive your FREE sample copy or to place an order for print, digital or app copies and the digital kit of companion resources, go to